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 Alibre Design Version 11 - Was ist neu!




Alibre Design 11.0 (ab September 2008)

Alibre proudly offers this first look at the latest installment of its ground-breaking 3D CAD, Alibre Design version 11, due for release in late summer.

Our latest performance enhancements and additions make this the most responsive Alibre Design to date. A laundry-list of new features drastically reduce the time it takes to perform common modeling tasks, and expanded customization options give the user control over the design interface. Both 2D and assembly modeling performance have taken another leap forward from their predecessor Alibre Design 10.0, while the addition of the Alibre Vault now provides true, completely integrated, data and process management for all your files and workflows.

From the leaders in Personal CAD/CAM comes Alibre Design 11.0, another major innovation in opening up professional and affordable 3D design to everyone.


  • Integriertes PDM mit dem neuen Alibre Vault
  • Drag and Drop Constraint Modus
  • Aussengewinde Darstellung
  • Automatischer Schriftkopf
  • Einzelteile aus 2D Schnittansicht entfernen
  • Enhanced View Rotation
  • Bemassungen fluchtend
  • Baugruppenmontage mit Abhängigkeiten interaktiv verbessert
  • Sondereinstellungen möglich - einfacher im Gebrauch
  • Leistungssteigerungen im 2D und Baugruppen Modul






V11 Videos:


  • Integrated PDM with the new Alibre Vault: The new Alibre Vault by M-Files offers true, completely integrated, data and process management for all your files and workflows. The Alibre Vault completely integrates within Windows Explorer and Alibre Design, making it a recognizable interface for any user. File management is made easy by supporting all file types, security and collaboration options keep your files safe but accessible, and the many customizable search options save countless amounts of time from being spent on data hunting.

    This latest addition to Alibre Design is a true PDM integrated solution. For a better idea of what the Alibre Vault offers, click here.
  • Drag and Drop Constraint Mode: A powerful new constraint application mode using visual feedback and real-time editing to apply constraints. Simply drag a part near another and the system previews applicable constraints on screen and allows easy changes and adjustments, like flip or rotate, before applying constraints.
  • External Thread Representation: Get industry standard 2D drawings of external threads without modeling the threads in 3D. Just specify thread data while modeling simplified 3D geometry and this information is used to create the 2D drawing, lowering you modeling overhead and generating better drawings.


  • Automatic Title Blocks: 2D Drawing Templates can be created which contain intelligent links that read data from part and assembly files. Title blocks and other drawing fields are automatically filled out, substantially reducing drawing time and errors. If the data in the source drawing or assembly file changes, these fields update automatically.
  • Un-sectioning Parts in 2D: You can now select the parts in 2D Section Views that won't be sectioned, providing full user control over which parts are sectioned and which are not.
  • Enhanced View Rotation: New view rotation mode that automatically uses the mouse location as the center of view rotation. If the mouse hovers over part geometry while view rotation is invoked, the mouse location becomes the center of view rotation, saving time by eliminating the need to zoom in or out to get the desired view orientation.
  • Dimension Alignment: 2D dimensions now snap to each other to make precisely lining up dimensions fast and easy. Works with vertical, horizontal, and center alignments.
  • Better Part Dragging with Assembly Constraints: Dragging parts within assemblies while honoring constraints behaves more naturally. New constraint interpretation means it is no longer required to change between move and rotate tools to get the desired movement.
  • Customizable and Easier to Use: You can now customize the sizes and the colors of several items, including endpoint nodes and inferred sketch projection lines, making sketching easier and putting less strain on your eyes. Also, midpoint nodes are now inferred and appear automatically on line and arc segments by hovering the mouse.
  • Further Improvements to 2D and Assembly Performance: 2D performance in Alibre Design 11.0 is substantially upgraded over previous versions. Fast Views, introduced in Alibre Design 10.0, are now on average 4 times faster during view projection than in previous versions. You wait seconds, not minutes, to see your drawings.

    Alibre Design 11.0 also offers huge speed improvements for nearly all common tasks in assemblies. Over 30 common tasks, such as editing parts or creating section views, have been made at least twice as fast on average. Combined, these represent a substantially more productive modeling and assembly experience.






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