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 Alibre Design Version 2012




    Alibre Design 2012 (ab Oktober 2011)

Alibre ist stolz Ihnen nun die neue Version v2012 ( v14) vorstellen zu können.

Was Sie vorfinden werden:

  • Neues Interface zum Anpassen

  • Schneller durch neu organisierte Befehle und Symbole

  • 2D Zeichnen mit interaktiven Symbolen/Befehlen

  • Skizzen weiter verwenden und organisieren

  • Eigene Schraffuren erstellen

  • Mehrfach Hilfslinien und Rahmen bei Bemerkungen usw.

  • Blech Flansch Neuerungen und Blech Ausschnitte

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Beautiful, Customizable User Interface

Alibre Design 2012 sports a fantastic, product-wide user interface upgrade, new icons, and a reorganized presentation that is customizable. The new Ribbon Interface makes accessing all the functionality of Alibre Design super fast. We realize not everyone is a fan of Ribbons so we've allowed you to choose whether or not you want to use it. If you don't, you'll still get to take advantage of new customizable icon sizes, making them easier to see on high resolution screens.



Easier to Learn, Faster to Use

Alibre Design 2012 is easier to learn than ever before. The complicated, multi-level menu is a thing of the past (though still accessible if you want it). Replacing it is a beautiful new toolbar that's been rethought from the ground up with excellent features like graphical tooltips that explain how to use each feature and show you what it does.

Lightning Fast Sketching

Sketching in Alibre Design 2012 is really, really fast. Blazing even. With the addition of new popup menus right at the mouse your sketching workflows will fly. Instant access to all sketching figures, reference figures, and 2D constraints makes it incredibly fast to switch between tools instantly. You also have access to common tools such as mirror, trim, extend, fillet, chamfer, offset, pattern, and more - instantly and context sensitive. Add in real-time previews for fillets, chamfers, and mirror operations and you have an amazing new sketch experience.


Reuse Sketches

Sketches are no longer the lone-wolves of Alibre Design. In Alibre Design 2012, you can project sketches to other sketches, allowing you to reuse them in a variety of ways. Sketches can be projected with or without association, paving the way for you to make a "master sketch" from which you derive bits of the entire part design from the original sketch.

Make Your Own Hatches

Hatching is no longer just reserved for section views. Now, you can create hatches on the fly, from any projected edges in a 2D drawing. Or, you can use the sketching tools and create a closed figure that you can apply a hatch to as well. This opens the door to a world of possibilities and allows you to easily and quickly add more detail to your engineering drawings.


Multi-Leader Lines

In Alibre Design 2012 annotations can have multiple leader lines easily attached to them. You can easily connect every annotation in 2D drawings to as many things as you want, reducing work and making clearer and cleaner looking drawings. All the leader lines are fully associative and update when the model changes or when you drag the main annotation around to reposition it.

Note Frames

In Alibre Design 2012 new note frames provide you the flexibility to create a variety of custom annotations easily. Standard shapes commonly used in engineering drawings are easy to select and scale dynamically and automatically during text input.


Easier Flange Creation & Management

In Alibre Design 2012 we've added two great improvements to the Flange creation process. First, you can now select multiple edges and create several flanges simultaneously. These can then be managed and edited as a single unit or exploded so you can manage them separately. Second, you can now apply flange offsets directly in the dialog. No more editing sketches to offset the sides. Simple, intuitive improvements that make your workflow faster and easier to manage.

New Sheet Metal Cuts

Alibre Design 2012 brings an amazing new tool to the sheet metal arsenal: arbitrary cuts. Now, the sheet metal cut tool acts just like the cut tool in a part workspace. You can use any sketch, cut to any depth, and through any geometry. This makes cutting across flanges a one-click operation and gets the profile perfect every time. It also opens up brand new workflows that were previously impossible, such as cutting perfect circles through lofted flanges.


Pattern Multiple Components

In Alibre Design 2012 you can pattern multiple components simultaneously in an assembly and manage them all as a single group. This makes quick work of patterning sets of fasteners or multiple subassemblies. Managing multiple components from a single pattern is easy and fast to do.

Easily Manage Inter-Design Constraints

Alibre Design 2012 brings new management of inter-design constraints directly into the Assembly Design Explorer. Inter-design constraints are created automatically when you use one part as a reference for another part during top-down design. Prior to Alibre Design 2012 these references were somewhat hidden and required you to remember where and what they were. In Alibre Design 2012 you can now see and manage them directly from within the Design Explorer, making top-down design easier and faster.


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